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I've been collecting ancient coins since I stumbled across them in a shop in London, and I found myself hooked by the thrill of being able to have a little piece of history that I can hold in my hand, and yet not have to spend a small fortune to do so.

Collecting ancient coins is a wonderful hobby, and one that need not be horribly expensive. With so many coins available, even a collector on a limited budget (ie: non-millionaires) can put together a very nice collection of coins with good eye appeal and historical interest.

This site is, and will continue to be, a work in progress. I add pages and updates as time and a busy schedule allow : )
I've included some pages aimed at the beginning collector of Roman coins, as well as links to educational sites, on-line collections of ancient coins, ancient Roman and Greek historical information, and other topics that you may find of interest. I always welcome submitted articles and suggestions for links to ancient coin and history related subjects, so please e-mail me with your favorite sites. Feel free to look around....there is something for just about anyone.

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